Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Can anyone hear me?

Hello again! I've been very neglectful of this little blog. While I know I don't have many followers, I do love writing and crafting so it's a shame I've treated it so. Many of the same things consistently go through my mind when thinking about my little slice of the Internet:

  • Should I continue to write when I feel like no one is watching? 
  • Should I even care if people are watching?
  • Is what I write authentic? I like to think it is, but being an avid reader of several popular blogs, I see a lot of inauthentic (from my perspective) content.
  • Speaking of those popular blogs, it'd be great to one day have even half as many followers; but is that possible when it feels like they have such a large piece of the pie and when it feels like blogging is slowly becoming a lost art?
  • Are the projects I do in my home too influenced by Pinterest and the Internet in general? I would really like to focus on finding my style, and that's hard when there's (awesome) inspiration coming from every direction. 
  • Is home decorating what I'm really passionate about? I'm definitely a lover of all things home and all things pretty, but is it what really gets my gears a-movin'? I've toyed with the idea of altering the main content of Walks Like Rain. My main focus right now is work. Work. Work. Work! Because of that, I pour all of my energy into the content that I teach. Should this be a teaching/education blog? Would I be doing myself a disservice to "bring my work home," or would it give me a platform (albeit a small one) on which to stand? 
  • Am I wasting my time? I have a passion for writing, but wouldn't it be more productive and possibly even lucrative to write something else? A short story? A novella? A novel? Articles for a teaching periodical? Heck, maybe even a book for teachers filled with tried-and-true teaching strategies?
At any rate, I have clearly been thinking about the blog. Honestly, it pops into my head at least once a week. Between working full time, finishing my first master's, and now working on completing my second master's, I find it hard to fit it in. I will say, though, it just hasn't been a priority. I tend to grind my teeth when I tell someone about a book I just finished and they retort, "Oh, it's so nice that you read so much. I don't have time for that." I (sometimes) politely tell them that they do have time for it, they just don't make it a priority. The blog is to me as reading is to that person. (I kicked butt at analogies in middle school.) If I really believe in it, I need to make it a priority.

I do realize that there aren't many people who consistently read this blog while it was active, but I'd like to pose the question: Should I keep chugging along? Please let me know what you think. 

Thanks to anyone who's still listening! :)