Sunday, January 20, 2013

Photo-a-Day Project 2013 Update

As 2013 began, I joined a challenge that asks its participants to take one snapshot per day. The rules are there ain't no rules. (Think Danny Zuko vs. Leo on Thunder Road.) Because of this, I have taken the liberty to take a few days off (oops) and have snapped some really crappy photos. Thus far, I'm a long way away from achieving my goal of thinking outside the box a bit when it comes to photography and getting better at taking pictures in general.

While I'm not proud of the results, here's what's gone down since last we met:

I took one last look at the magic that is Christmas,

bought and consumed many, many, many clementines,
read and enjoyed Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn,
did some last minute laundry on the final day of Christmas vacation (and whined about it),
caught my husband leaving clutter around in a just-cleaned house,
celebrated a National Championship victory for the University of Alabama (Roll Tide),

worked my buns off grading papers for the final push before final exams,
bought a couple new books with a gift card,
and played "Name the FANBOYS" with Rich.

So far, it's  been quite a poor showing from yours truly. I got a new camera for Christmas last year, so I really need to use my resources more wisely.

Is anyone else participating in a similar Photo-a-Day challenge?

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P.P.S. My mom is now hosting her own blog! She's documenting her first ever kitchen makeover at Kitchen Nightmares to Kitchen Daydreams. Check it out! As a bonus, she is also the proud owner of a new smart phone. What the? A blog and a smart phone all in one year? That's just crazy.

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