Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Free? Sign Me Up!

I've been busy since school got out. I revised some wall art that didn't live up to my standards and I painted, filled and hung some frames that have been sitting around the house for a year and a half.

Two Christmases ago, I received some custom frames from my aunt, Mary. This is what they looked like before I pushed up my sleeves:

Okay, so I had already pushed up my sleeves a little. I tend to get a little impatient and forget to take pictures along the way. That blue one in there wasn't always blue. It didn't stay blue for very long. I ended up painting all of them white:

I simply sanded each frame just a bit then used some leftover white trim paint to coat them. If I would have used spray paint, the process would have been much quicker, but I didn't have any on hand. I ended up having to coat them all about four times to get a good even look.

After painting them, I arranged them in a way I liked (which can also be seen above). Then, I traced each frame on construction paper. I cut out each square and taped them to the wall in the same orientation that I chose earlier. I put a nail right into the wall through the construction paper. This was sort of an arbitrary process. I just estimated about half an inch from the top in about the middle of the paper. I figured I didn't need to measure since the frames were sort of randomly assembled anyway. When I was finished, I tore off the paper to leave the nails exposed and ready for service.

Finally, I cut scrapbook paper to fit each frame. Here's what happened:

I'm ultra happy with the results of this project. It was especially satisfying because it provided me with (almost) instant gratification. The painting took a while since I had to use real paint, but the tracing and the filling took little more than a half hour. Plus, it was free! I had had the frames for over a year, I have a zillion pieces of scrapbook paper on hand, and I already had the construction paper, nails and tape. Free is always good -- especially when you feel like you've been spending a lot on a certain office/craft room project.

Just a couple more steps before the room is complete! What do you think so far?


  1. They are adorable! I'm not sure where you got your creativity for designing your home, it wasn't frome me! :)

  2. I got my crafting affinities from you, though! :) I think I got my perfectionism from Dad.

  3. super cute! i've wanted to try someting of this nature, but i always overthink...

  4. The frames look like they are straight from Martha Stewart Living!

  5. Thanks, Amanda & Elise!
    Amanda -- I tend to be slow moving on projects too; but I'm really enjoying the process lately. Once I finished a couple projects, I found the motivation in seeing the results!
    Elise -- How flattering! I'm constantly second-guessing myself, but I'm hoping to love it all in the end!


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