Monday, July 30, 2012

Say It and Spray (Paint) It

In yesterday's post, I mentioned that I was planning on spray painting our office chairs. They were just inexpensive, black, plastic chairs from Ikea.

Now, they're inexpensive, yellow, plastic chairs from Ikea. 

For this easy peasy project, we chose Satin Hubbel House Golden Maize by Valspar. First, I dusted the chairs off. Then, I primed them using Primer Gray by Valspar. Here's what one of the chairs looked like after an application of primer:

Finally, I applied a nice, even coat of maize. I would recommend priming anything before spray painting. Because I applied a good coat of primer, I really only needed one good coat of paint. After about an hour, I was able to handle them enough to bring them inside. I don't plan to sit in them for several days just to make sure they're cured up enough, but for now, I'm enjoying the view.

What do you think? I like how they provide a(nother) pop of color without overpowering the area. Did you notice that there's a couple things missing from the shelves? Two of our wedding photos are being framed at Campbell's Paint and Wallpaper, a custom paint, wallpaper and framing store owned by my aunt and uncle, Mary and Mike Ray. They'll be back in a few short days.

Here's my to-do list for the month of August:
- Spray the patio chairs that were given to us by Rich's grandparents
- Recover the cushions on said patio chairs
- Paint the bathroom for a quick and inexpensive upgrade

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  1. I love it! What a huge difference. Totally changes the feel of the room.

  2. Why, thank you! And thanks for the suggestion. I was considering it anyway, but you gave me just the push I needed. I'm seriously considering a terrarium. I'm just apprehensive for several reasons. Do you think I could get appropriate plants still at this time in the season? Also, I am waiting to find the perfect vessel. I'm making a trip to a couple Salvation Armies this week, so we'll see!

    1. You can definitely still get the right plants. If you have the time one Saturday morning, come down to Eastern Market. There are 2 plant vendors inside the sheds that sell a large variety of perfect plants between $1-$3. You can probably still get small succulents at Home Depot or Lowes, but I think they're $4-$5 a pop.

  3. They look great Katie. Sounds like finding that second can of paint was harder that painting the chairs. When it comes to spray paint you definetly take after your dad!

    1. Yes, I do. After spraying a few more items, I'm definitely getting better at spray paint.

  4. found you through Centsational Girl's blog. Just wanted you to know your blog is great - I'm impressed. Love what you did to the room and it makes me want to start actually doing instead of just pinning my Pinterest boards.

    1. Stacy,
      Thanks so much for checking me out! I have to say, having the blog is a wonderful way to keep the motivation you need to keep going on the projects that you need/want to get done! Having a readership (even if it's just my mom, a few cousins and you) keeps me going. Do you have a blog? If you don't, why not try it out? I will gladly follow you and your progress!
      Thanks for the compliments! If you like what you read/see, please follow me and stay in touch!
      <3, Katie

  5. Katie,
    I do have a blog but I don't update much and it mostly is to update my weight loss journey, not so much home projects that I need to get done. I love what you have done in the office and would love to see how your bathroom comes out!

  6. Plasma Spray Coating is simultaneously sprayed (atomized) at high speed on both sides of the paper web.

  7. What color is that wall??? I'm looking to paint my son's room - and in two photos the paint color looks green - in the others, blue!!! I think I like both!


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