Sunday, July 29, 2012

Spray Painting Vegetables

Today I spray painted an artichoke. Don't worry, it was ceramic.

In the last several days, I've made two trips to two different TJ Maxxes. Both times, I oogled some white ceramic bric a brac including an artichoke and an elephant. Today, on my second trip, I nabbed the artichoke. I walked away from the elephant not because I wanted to but because I wasn't sure he'd fit in the spot I had in mind. Plus, I walked away with four arms full of stuff. (Rich was with me). We picked out two metallic birds, three nesting hyacinth baskets and the artichoke.

At $7.99, I thought this gal was a steal:

Since the shelves are white, I thought I'd spray paint it. What better color to paint an artichoke than that of an avocado? New Avocado by Valspar to be exact. First, I gave it a couple coats of grey primer. Then, I sprayed'er down with several coats of green yumminess.

Pretty, huh? I can dig it. And the birds?

There they are. Aren't they the cutest? As far as I'm concerned, they're Turtle Doves. All of you bird experts out there, don't try to convince me otherwise. I almost bought just one, but Mr. Duncan's voice kept ringing in my ear:

One's for me and one's for Rich! You can't get any more sugary sweet than that.

Next on the spray painting agenda are our two ugly, cheap, plastic office chairs (one of which I'm sitting on right now). Then maybe I'll finally get to spray painting those patio chairs and recovering their cushions. Definitely before going back to work. Definitely.

From a practical standpoint, this room is doner than done, but realistically, I'll be adding and tweeking for a while. How do you like the artichoke? Have I inspired anyone to paint a vegetable? I thought so.

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