Saturday, August 16, 2014

Day 5: The 21 Day Sugar Detox

What up?! Tonight marks the end of day 5 (5!) of The 21 Day Sugar Detox for Rich and I. I, for one, am feelin goooood. Rich, for two, is feeling pretty dang good himself. Both of us had to rise and shine at 4:30 a.m. this morning because he was heading straight from work to a fishing trip with his dadio. Since the plan was for his dad to pick him up, I had the fortunate job of driving him the 32 minutes to work! Why so early, you ask? Some blockhead scheduled a meeting with the Mexico office at the butt crack of dawn. (Rich is the blockhead.) Before we got on the road, I whipped up a couple breakfast smoothies (applie pie). I had absolutely no signs of lightheadedness and I didn't feel a bit queasy this morning. We were both exhausted, but that's to be expected for waking up at 4:30 in the mornin'. I didn't really talk to him much all day, save for annoying him with a few questions about the Walking Spree program at work. I was attempting to order us a couple wristband health gadgety things (much like a Fit Bit) that connect to your computer/smart phone and track your steps, calories burned, activity levels, etc. Through his company, we can buy them for 25 bucks and if we average so many steps a day, he'll get an extra bit of money tacked onto his paycheck. We're walking anyway, so we might as well take advantage of it. I got them ordered, and we should be receiving them sometime next week!

Lunch for both of us was leftover chicken soup and a mixed salad. The soup was even better reheated. The broth turned out so good and flavorful. I'll definitely be making that again. Around midday, I had to head out to run some errands before heading out to have dinner with my cousin, Michelle. She was making tacos, so I adapted by bringing lettuce to make a salad. I stopped at the store and bought an avocado to add to the mix, and I also picked up some no-sugar-added-salsa. (It was Wholly brand -- the same company that makes Wholly Guacamole -- which is an approved brand on the 21DSD.) Full fat cheese (in moderation) is acceptable, so I piled that on along with some jalepenos. Yum-o. There's nothing better than a good taco salad. The visit was great simply because I got to spend some quality time with one of my favorite girls. However, it was a bit of a struggle for the second night in a row to resist the temptation of snacking on tortilla chips. But honestly? I don't know if it's because I'm uber focused right now, or if it's because my cravings are shrinking like they're supposed to, but it really hasn't been too difficult. On the Rich front, he reported that he enjoyed the soup and salad for lunch, and had a Western omelette that included ham, cheese, green pepper, red pepper, bacon and sausage for dinner. Not too shabby as all of that is basically approved for the 21DSD. I say basically because the meat was almost certainly not grass fed, but all the veggies are on the YES list.

I currently have lots and lots of energy. For some reason, I'm tending to have more energy at night than throughout the day. I called Rich on my way home from Michelle's, and he said he was also feeling great. He said he expected to be tired during the day, but he was pleasantly surprised. He remarked that he thinks we've "made it through the hardest part," but I'm not sold yet. I think some of the toughest days to come. Time will tell. I'm so glad we're both feeling positive, though. Speaking of how we're feeling on Day 5, the book says we may experience, "headaches starting to clear and fewer cravings, or struggles with temptation and slip-ups if you're unprepared and hunger sets in." I'd say right now we find ourselves safely in the "headaches starting to clear and fewer cravings" zone. Speaking of symptoms, my heartburn went away last night. I actually took 1 Tums tablet with 1 gram of sugar because my heart was a-burnin' something fierce. I'm sure they're are more natural sugar-free remedies out there, but at this house, tum-tum-tum-tum-Tums are tried and true. I'll look more into alternative possibilities in the future.

I'm hoping to update daily, if for no other reason than to document my thoughts and feelings throughout the 21 days. I hope you'll come back and cheer for me along the way.

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